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How to kill a fly hands


Life is a constant strain of problem-solving the every day. Capitalism and Society’s solution is predictable in its answer. Add, and increase speed. There’s nothing now moving slower than yesterday. In this ever-accelerating reality you have two choices keep up or die. The fly tries to keep up. Its eyes computing more than five times the frames we do stretching every moment of its 28 days long life span. But the fly is disturbing your well-deserved brake from your own highspeed life. Buzzing its tiny wings, annoying you with its vitality. You need to kill it, but all the tools that makes man the apex predator is out of reach; This is how you kill a fly with your hands 

working on ^ right now 

The river of me flows through my sinuses and makes a mark on the floor containing dna and what’s left of my heritage.

Scorched as the face of earth, and likewise you’ll find the abnormalities and crevasses the most picturesque. 
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