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The Madonna Complex is a series about true lust, and desire. 


The mouse pointer found in every painting is a little nod to corners of the internet where lust is found. 


Painted with dirty water, staining the beauty of the subject’s. 

 A deconstruction of gender, but only your face. 

3D prosjekt - A deconstruction of gender, but only your face. 

Jeg har modellert en rekke personer, og tar for meg dekonstruksjonen av ansiktet og hva det vil innebære for kjønnet. Diskusjonen er ofte en kamp mellom det biologiske og det opplevde. Hvor det ene er lettere å endre enn det andre. For meg er dette spørsmålet noe jeg ikke tenker å svare på, men heller vekke en forståelse for - at det faktisk er et spørsmål. Jeg har dyppet tærne ned i biologien om hvordan man oppfatter verden rundt seg, og måten man gjør det på for å prøve å forklare til publikum deres eget fargede inntrykk av det samme fysiske rommet. Firkanthodene kan enten bli sett på som en begrensing eller en befrielse. Jeg har med overlegg skapt et så sterilt kroppsspråk som mulig. Det eksisterer for eksempel ikke noe underliv, der er alt gjennomsiktig.  

Klick on the image
to get to the virtual exhibition - Please zoom in and navigate by dragging yourself around. 

I polish the idea of us ending up somewhere else than in the middle of a highway wearing nothing other than lipstick 

I’ve always been scared of the dark. But that doesn’t stop me from throwing more and more skeletons that will surely haunt me into it


I like to paint but I also love what’s possible doing digital. But as a common denominator; the fascination for gender-bending and what people do in the heat of the moment is what I truly love.  This series is a result of countless hours browsing the corners of the white-web studying people doing what people where designed to do. 


 The color palette is limited to white red, and our favourite mix of red and green. 


The complete collection is available on request 


The soda train idea came to me, waking up for the millionth time swallowing blod in my sleep. For me the nose bleed thing has always been there. It lets me know when I’m stressed, lacking sleep, or just being stupid. A picture completely
changes as you add a thin strip of blood. In this acrylic  series painted with knife the look and feel  of each image is on you, and what you associate is also you. So feel free to feel or something like that. 

The violence you see is on you.  This is bubbles, carbonation, loud noise and synapses firing at rate that would make warmongers cum.  The sexes you see is in your head, and differs from what’s in their panties and boxers. The soda trains starts moving slowly opening the bookings for what to come. No age limits, as in everyday the wherewithal is what’s get you the ticket. Build up your own steam, mixing the carbon with variable amounts of  hydrogen, sulfur, oxygen, and nitrogen. The duress you put on yourself and others makes it all fiz and bubble. you can be anywhere you’d like but not in front of it.  

The excess steam manifest ist self in a red rivulet dripping from your nose. 


Go to oslonowhere for the complete collection 


The manipulation of machine learning, trying to create something unique. 

I kidnapped the brick and mortar from someone much more talented than me in the language of coding. Trying to modify the input datasets I’ve now created something that’s is able to somewhat translating my words in to picture. 


So I’ve tried to give this mechanical mess some form of life. Enjoy, or at least try to accept my attempt  

Test_TV copy.jpg
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